Candidate for San Diego City Council District 2

Retired Assemblywoman Lori Saldaña has announced her candidacy for San Diego City Council, to represent the newly created District 2 in San Diego’s vibrant, diverse, and oldest established communities.


Chris Brewster

Retired lifegaurd chief

“Lori has been a consistent listener and an active supporter of the real day-to-day concerns of the district 2 community. When others aligned with special interests, she put the community first. That’s the change we need.”

Delaine Eastin

Former California State Superintendent of Public Instruction

"With great enthusiasm, I endorse Lori Saldana to be a member of the San Diego City Council. Lori has a well-deserved reputation as a public servant who served in our legislature with great distinction. She is affable, hard-working, intelligent, and has a brass backbone. Lori is well respected for her direct, honest, and creative problem-solving. She gets along well with colleagues and does not flag when it comes to hard work and tenacity. Lori will make an excellent addition to your city council as she fights for fairness, justice, safe neighborhoods, and great family values for all families."

Lori will "understand a depth and breadth of city issues... [and is] even more experienced in government than Campbell — Saldaña spent six years in the Assembly." - San Diego Union-Tribune

Michael McConnell

Homeless Advocate

"As unsheltered people are dying on our streets in record numbers, and the entire community is suffering from a lack of leadership at City Hall, I support Lori because she's been an advocate for those in need- but more importantly, because she's ready to act and change the status quo."

Darwin Fishman, Ph.D.

Past lecturer in Sociology and Africana Studies at San Diego State University (for identification purposes only)

Member of the Racial Justice Coaltion of San Diego

"I support Lori Saldaña’s campaign for District 2 supervisor because of her commitment to social justice and her history of bold and smart leadership for the most important issues facing our generation."